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Things to do in the Area

Horsback riding!

At the Farm, located in Ekshärad, you can ride horse western style. They organize outdoor trail rides for experienced riders and beginners. They have beautiful, friendly and well trained horses and experience guides.

Our little farm

Husky Farm

Visit the beautiful and friendly husky's at the huskyfarm. You will learn about and get to see and great these wonderful dogs. Take them for a walk through the forest and besides the river and experience there energy.

Highyard Sleddogs

Wildlife Safari

Do you want to know what kind of wild animals are living in the Swedish forest? Take a Wildlife Safari with a landrover! The experienced guide will take you into the deep forest. You will be looking for all kind of tracks!

Wildlife Safari

Moose tour

Get closer to the King of the Forest than anywhere else in the world! Walk with them, look them in the eye. Touch and feed them. Learn all about them from moose experts.

Moose World

Covered wagen tour

Interested in horses but it seems to be more fun to take a tour with a chuckwagon, you can! Take a nice tour through the beautiful forest and have a break at one of the many lakes.

Covered wagon tour

Climbing park

In this climbing park they offer airy experiences for all age, size and experience! Get out into the woods and up into the trees!

Gjesåsen klatrepark

Belly boat fishing

What could possibly be better than to be fishing in the silent nature, without any disturbing engine noises. This type of fishing is getting more and more popular, and the possibilities are many.

Sportfishing Värmland

Opening Hours

  • Call us between 10:00 - 20:00
  • We are open the whole year!
  • Also on holidays!

We are located in the beautiful forest finnskogen, the forest of the finns! In the north of Värmland Sweden.