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Ready for an adventure!

Short tour

One hour trip. 800 SEK per quad/ATV.
You can drive with two persons on a quad/ATV.

Medium tour

Two hour trip. 1300 SEK per quad/ATV.
You can drive with two persons on a quad/ATV.

Long tour

Three hour trip. 1800 SEK quad/ATV.
You can drive with two persons on a quad/ATV.

Let's enjoy the beautiful nature!

In Finnskogen "the forest off the finns" are lots off nice quad/ATV tracks, both for beginners and advanced.

Important to know

- You will drive on a modern Can-Am quad/ATV four wheel drive.

- All our quads/ATVs are equipped with automatic transmission and heated grips.

- These machines are very suitable for the tracks and muddy roads in Finnskogen.

- We have our own off road terrain with several challenges.

- Participation in our activities is done at your own risk.

- You are in possession of a valid driving license AM, A1, A2, A ,B or T.

- You can use our helmets.


We're close to Oslo Airport Gardermoen. It is an easy drive from Gothenburg if you are traveling by car or boat.

We respect nature

Finnskogen is one of the most beautiful forests in Sweden. With lots of wildlife like moose, bears, wolfs, lynx, foxes, birds, etc.

Value for your money

For the ultimate quad/ATV experience, through the woods or around the lakes. We drive with small groups.


There are many options, such as a day tour with lunch or evening tour. A suggestion? Please let us know.


We have a small, basic apartment for rent (max. 4 persons) with kitchen, shower/wc and one bedroom.

What else

Combine your quad/ATV holiday with a snow scooter tour, husky tour, moose safari, horse riding etc.


Contact us for booking quad/ATV safari, snow scooter tour or apartment. If you need help with booking other activities let us know.


Quad Safari Sweden
Skråckarberget 14, Bograngen,
Värmland, Sweden

Roland Reinerth +46 768 665536